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Product – Market Fit

Great products don’t just happen. Developing the discipline to hit the market right the first time takes planning, intuition and sometimes a little luck. Reduce your dependence on luck by making sure your team understands the product strategy and market fit before they start building.

Effective product marketing is much more than just spewing content in brochures and on the web. It starts well before your first wireframe or line of code and doesn’t finish until your users or customers have not only purchased and installed, but come back for more. Markets are a moving target and customer engagement is a non-stop, full-contact activity.  Building an in-depth understanding of your market increases your odds of making better decisions and maximizing the use of your precious capital. Evolution Advisors provides the following services to help complement your team’s capabilities.

  • Customer and Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  • Technology and IP Assessment
  • Developing Customer Personas and Use Cases
  • Early Customer Engagement and Concept Testing
  • Product Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Prioritizing Features and Scheduling
  • Developing Market and Product Requirements
  • Evaluating and Staff Planning for Engineering Teams
  • Developing Release Criteria and QA Programs
  • Running Partner Testing and Customer Beta Programs